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We’re working every day to ensure every child and every family have the resources that they need to enjoy a productive and safe community. But to continue our vital work, we need your support. You can call us at (786) 520-4136, send your donation by mail or donate online.

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About North Dade Youth & Family Coalition


The Youth Violence Prevention Coalition was started by community stakeholders in 2006 following a wave of shooting deaths involving children.  It received its 501c3 IRS designation in June 2010 and began doing business as North Dade Youth & Family Coalition or NDYFC in order to broaden its services beyond violence prevention to addressing the many individual, relational, community and society risk factors children and families experience which could contribute to their family and neighborhood instability.

NDYFC is comprised of partnerships with community stakeholders representing health, mental health, law enforcement, community and faith-based agencies, educational institutions, residents, civic and business leaders.  Referred to as the NDYFC Network, we collectively collaborate to reduce juvenile delinquency, violence, crime, and child maltreatment in North Miami Dade County and specifically within the City of Miami Gardens, Florida.

NDYFC’s goals are to:

  • Ensure children and families in need of support have access and are linked to available community resources;
  • Uphold accountability among service providers;
  • Decrease the duplication of service provision among partners; and
  • Create and maintain a healthy, safe community environment for all to live.

NDYFC serves as the central point of intake into a system of care that holistically serves the child and family.

Services include:  care coordination; a teen program to prevent unintended pregnancy and provide HIV awareness; a father education and support group.

Our Mission

The mission of the North Dade Youth and Family Coalition is to create a web of effective community solutions to empower and protect youth and families in North Miami-Dade County.