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We’re working every day to ensure every child and every family have the resources that they need to enjoy a productive and safe community. But to continue our vital work, we need your support. You can call us at (786) 520-4136, send your donation by mail or donate online.

(786) 520-4136

The Coalition meets bi-monthly to help forge the North Dade broad agenda that improves outcomes for youth and families and enables Coalition Members and Partners to be a force for positive change. NDYFC welcomes all traditional and nontraditional providers that want to effectuate positive change

Membership Benefits

  • Become a partner to local member agencies
  • Committees, & Issue Task Forces
  • Quarterly Development and Training Workshops
  • Ongoing Meetings with Local Leadership with ability impact
  • Statewide Policy & PracticeHighlight your agency on the NDYFC websiteStay Updated on Best + Innovative Practices
  • Built in Mentoring support opportunities – technical assistance for smaller organizations to work with larger organizations
  • Annual Conference Participation
  • Opportunities to network and engage with decision makers
  • Networking/Problem Solving Opportunities
  • Access to Data & Research
  • Talking Points & Position Papers to sell individual agencies for private support
  • Inside Look at the Legislative Process
  • DocVault – electronic document storage/retrieval

Promotion for Members

  • Web Site: Each Member is automatically listed in the online business directory of the North Dade Youth and Family Coalition website – This site serves as an informational portal to the North Dade County area community. for an additional fee, members may increase their exposure by adding enhancements to their listings.
  • The Coalition Connection: Each month the North Dade Youth and Family Coalition will produce The Coalition Connection newsletter which will contain information on Coalition member and partner activities and updates. The Coalition Connection will be distributed to the entire Coalition membership, area residents and businesses and grant making institutions.
  • Email Updates: Updates will be emailed periodically to all members notifying them of upcoming Coalition and community events. This is a free marketing tool available to all members to market their special events.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Each year the Coalition will host events in partnership with various sponsors. These sponsors are included in all signage for the event, along with any print advertising and web presence.
  • Grant Opportunities: Each Member will have the opportunity to join the Youth Violence Prevention Coalition in grant opportunities which fit specific areas of expertise and programming.

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